United Laundry

United Laundry Solutions For All Industries

With our extensive experience in various industries, we have the ability to develop the ideal solution for your business, regardless of the sector you operate in.
4.A Laundromat


We support laundromats of all sizes to offer efficient and tailored solutions to increase revenues.
4.B Healthcare


Bringing sustainable and gold standard hygiene solutions to all types of healthcare settings.
4.C Facilities Management

Facilities Management

Solutions that support with the complexities to managing multiple machines and locations.
4.G Vets

Vets and Animal Care

Improving veterinary practice settings by increasing infection control with easy-to-use solutions.
4.E Student Accomdation

Student Accommodation

Effortlessly clean and hygienic laundry solutions for your student accommodation.
4.F Hospitality


Bringing efficiency and supportive management solutions to hotels, B&B’s and staycation accommodations.

United ProCare

United Laundry ProCare provides flexibility and structure depending on the cash flow cycle of your business. It a sustainable, straightforward, and affordable way of operating laundry equipment when compared to buying equipment outright. United ProCare can service all sectors and be suited specific to your business and requirements.

Get the best service and prices with United ProCare.



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