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Stay in control of your costs, with full visibility and assurance of United Laundry’s ProCare.

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What is United Procare?

United Procare is a package solution that offers the latest laundry equipment, complete with servicing and breakdown cover. You can enjoy all benefits of owning a machine and more with a single monthly payment that remains fixed throughout the term. This means you won’t encounter any unforeseen bills, hidden charges, or price hikes.

365 Support

Service packages include 365-day cover, including bank holidays.

Dedicated Team Nationwide

Our committed team is devoted to providing exceptional support to ensure that your laundry operations run at maximum efficiency and productivity, with manufacturer-trained engineers offering comprehensive and thorough services across Ireland.

End-to-End Service

End-to-end services, from equipment supply and installation to ongoing maintenance, without any annual price increases.

Flexible Contracts

Machine and service contracts that fit your business and don’t require large up-front costs.

Tailored Solutions

Uncovering the requirements of your business to fulfil your laundry room and business needs.

Discover the Benefits of United Procare

Improved Efficiency

New machines can increase load size, use less energy and water and provide better-quality results. This can lead to cost savings, higher productivity, and increased end-user satisfaction.

Better Maintenance & Support

United ProCare includes maintenance and support services, ensuring your machines run smoothly, always. Reducing downtime and repair costs.


United ProCare can meet the needs of your business with no down payment or instalment amount, plus the duration of the agreement can be customised to suit the budget and cash flow of the business.

Cash Flow

By spreading the cost of the laundry machines over time, allowing you to better manage cash flow.

No Large Upfront Payments

This means that you can invest in best-in-class laundry machines without having to invest huge capital upfront.

Tax Benefits

Payments are usually tax-deductible as business expenses. Meaning your business can reduce taxable income, resulting in lower tax returns.

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