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Efficient and hygienic laundry solutions for veterinary practices and animal care facilities

Machines designed for veterinary practices

Check out our range of machines

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UniMac UA180, 240, 280

Designed to meet the volume application needs of medium/large on premises laundry facilities. These machines can withstand the harsh demands of commercial and on-premises laundry facilities.


UniMac UY65, 80, 105, 135

Ideal for second floor on-premises laundries or other installations where a poured foundation isn’t an option, UniMac UY model softmount washer-extractors offer the perfect solution.


Speed Queen Professional Washer

Revolutionary Quantum gold technology combines equipment controls, programming and wireless networking into one full-store management system, including; wireless networking, adjustable water levels and in -depth reporting.

Let us take care of the laundry, so you can focus on caring for the animals.

Our laundry equipment is built to handle even the toughest animal-related laundry loads, including blankets, towels, and bedding.
We offer a range of reliable and efficient machines that can help you to reduce the risk of cross-infection and improve hygiene in your facility.
Our equipment is designed to provide a deep and thorough clean, removing any traces of bacteria or other harmful substances that could pose a risk to your staff or animals.

Our Solutions

Efficient and Expert Veterinary and Animal Care Laundry Solutions

Tailored Solutions

Veterinary settings both big and small can have different laundry needs. We offer a flexible range of options to meet your needs, no matter the size or scope of your operation. Ensuring the solution fits the brief!

Quality Equipment

Designed to meet the highest hygiene and safety standards. Using state-of-the-art equipment and innovative cleaning techniques to ensure that all items are thoroughly disinfected and hygienic, ready for furry patients and staff.


We follow strict protocols and guidelines to ensure compliance with industry regulations and best practices. Our commitment to upholding these standards enables us to provide high-quality products and services to our customers.

We're here to help

Contact us today to learn more about our laundry solutions and how we can help you maintain a clean and safe environment for your furry patients and staff.

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