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Stacked Washer and Dryer Machines

Maximise productivity with our space-saving stacked washer and dryer systems


UniMac UUT30, UUT45

UniMac UUT line of commercial tumble dryers optimise space and are equipped with easy to use controls. Especially suited for self-service laundromats. 



Speed Queen - STW/STWC

 Totally free-standing, it can be installed on any floor and any level. Our stacked washer-dryer is available with top and front panels in anthracite grey or stainless steel. 

Our energy-efficient models are designed to provide large load capacities with eco options, making laundry time both efficient and environmentally friendly. Our user-friendly interfaces and intelligent controls make operation simple and easy.

We also provide a range of stack dryer capacities, enabling you to select a stacked dryer or dryer system that is tailored to your specific requirements and building layout.

Increase laundry room capacity by x2 or x3 times without requiring additional floor space.

With these innovative machines, you can have the convenience of a washer and a dryer all in one unit, freeing up your valuable floor space.
Plus, our coin-operated stacked washer dryer machines are perfect for public laundry areas like student accommodations, campsites, and caravan parks. Experience the benefits of our compact and practical laundry solutions today!

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