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Upgrade your laundry facilities with our professional equipment and coin-operated machines

Drive efficiency and quality to increase the profitability of your laundromat.

At United Laundry, we understand that having the right equipment is crucial to the success of your launderette. That’s why we offer a wide range of high-quality laundry machines from some of the best brands in the industry.

From washers to dryers and everything in between, we have the perfect equipment to fit your specific needs.

Laundromat Services

United Laundry offer a range of services to support any type of laundromat.

Expert Design & Fit-Out Services

We can provide complete design and fit-out services to ensure that your launderette is not only functional and maximises your space but is also visually appealing to your customers.

Quality Equipment

United Laundry offers a range of equipment to enhance business productivity, additionally assisting your business in cutting down on utility costs and lowering carbon footprint.


Round-the-clock support to ensure that your equipment is always up and running. Our team of technicians are highly trained and experienced in servicing all types of laundry equipment.

United Laundry deliver exceptional service to our fleet of 300 plus machines in 25 locations across Ireland”
Patrick, Speed Queen Ireland (DNL)

L5. Speed Queen

Machines for Laundromats

Some of our range for laundrette businesses

Speed Queen Professional Washer

Revolutionary Quantum gold technology combines equipment controls, programming and wireless networking into one full-store management system, including; wireless networking, adjustable water levels and in-depth reporting.


Speed Queen Professional Dryer

Designed to reduce costs and maximise revenue with the ability to programme and wireless networking allows for full-store management, including; wireless networking, adjustable water levels and in-depth reporting.


Speed Queen Professional Stacked Washer & Dryer

The get the most out of the Speed Queen legendary performance on a reduced floor space with a stack washer-dryers on dryer-dryer. Totally free-standing, they can be installed on any floor and any level.

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Our prompt and efficient service means that you’ll spend less time dealing with equipment issues and more time focusing on your business.

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