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From laundry room design to aftercare servicing, United Laundry is your trusted partner for hassle-free laundry solutions

Partner with us for reliable laundry systems and support.

United Laundry services can help facilities management teams operate more efficiently and effectively while enhancing the experience for facility users. We specialise in managing critical equipment, compliance, nationwide repairs, spare parts, and callouts. This means that we are your sole partner when things go wrong.


Tailored laundry solutions for you and your business

Experience worry-free laundry solutions: All-Inclusive support, no upfront costs.

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"United Laundry offer a bespoke solution that suits the requirements of our business"

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Most Popular Machines for Facilities Management

United Laundry is here to assist you with top-of-the-line equipment and maintenance for your everyday needs.


Speed Queen - STW/STWC

 Totally free-standing, it can be installed on any floor and any level. Our stacked washer-dryer is available with top and front panels in anthracite grey or stainless steel. 

UH240_OPL_PROformTouch_Left (1)

UniMac UH180, 280

UniMac’s barrier washer-extractors avoid microbiological contamination in the laundry process thanks to it ‘dual door’ design.


UniMac UY350, 450, 600

These machines can withstand the harsh demands of commercial and on-premises laundry facilities in a variety of industries, from healthcare to hospitality.

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