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Partner with United Laundry, the trusted provider of commercial and industrial laundry solutions for businesses across Ireland.

Our Range of Products

Laundry Machines Unimac

Washing Machines

Our state-of-the-art commercial washing machines boast unparalleled efficiency and performance, featuring advanced technology for optimal results. Reducing energy consumption and streamlining operations.


Tumble Dryers

With cutting-edge features such as large capacity drums, efficient drying cycles, and safety features like fire suppression technology, our commercial tumble dryers will bring unmatched productivity, safety, and peace of mind to your business.

Eco Friendly Laundry

Switch to our eco-friendly commercial wash and dry solutions to reduce your carbon footprint, lower utility bills, and demonstrate your commitment to sustainable practices.

Coin Operated Machines

Our coin-operated commercial washing and drying solutions provide a hassle-free and convenient way to generate revenue for your business while offering your customers high-quality laundry services.


From compact models for smaller operations to high-capacity ironing systems for large-scale laundries, our commercial irons offer unmatched precision, efficiency, and quality.


Cashless Laundry

Our technology solutions offer numerous benefits and features to streamline and enhance the laundrette experience for your customers.


Finishing Equipment

Our coin-operated commercial washing and drying solutions provide a hassle-free and convenient way to generate revenue for your business while offering your customers high-quality laundry services.

Stacked Washer and Dryers

With these innovative machines, you can have the convenience of a washer and a dryer all in one unit, freeing up your valuable floor space.

Our Trusted Partners

Why do our customers love United Laundry?

We provide peace of mind and convenience. Our rental options come with full-service and breakdown support, and we offer repair or replacement guarantees without requiring a big upfront outlay or imposing surprise bills. This allows our customers to focus on their core business, knowing that their laundry needs are in reliable and experienced hands.


Our friendly advisors are available to provide support 24/7/365, even on bank holidays.

Guaranteed Engineer
Response Time

Wherever you are, you can count on receiving a response from an engineer within 8 working hours, guaranteed.

Market Leading

Our market-leading equipment comes with no upfront costs, repair bills, or call-out charges - ever!

Our Best-Sellers


UniMac UY65, 80, 105, 135

Ideal for second floor on-premises laundries or other installations where a poured foundation isn’t an option, UniMac UY model softmount washer-extractors offer the perfect solution. 


UniMac UDR190

UniMac UDR line of commercial tumble dryers combines a radial and axial airflow, providing outstanding drying performance with fast drying and reduced energy consumption. 


UniMac SC70, SC90

The SC70&90 professional washers have a capacity of 6 – 8 kg. The unit is often installed in apartments, wellness facilities, sports clubs or on marine ships. And has specific voltages for these markets.

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