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Efficiency and excellence: Our finishing equipment for perfectly pressed laundry


Our equipment is user-friendly, compact, and highly effective. With a range of roller sizes available, you can choose the perfect option for your specific needs. Whether you’re running a small business or a large commercial operation, we have the perfect finishing equipment for you.

Invest in the best with our top-of-the-line finishing equipment. Contact us today to learn more about our products and how they can help take your business to the next level.

Our Range of Finishing Equipment


Fimas Mod 310 Body Former

Standard dummy for casual jackets, coats and raincoats. Built with  automatic timed cycle for all the pressing steps.



Fimas Mod 379-20 Body Former

Steaming and blowing dummy, adjustable in height, for finishing of jackets, short overcoats and coats.



Fimas Mod 389-21 Body Former

Electropneumatic dummy for simultaneous pressing of body, shoulders and short/long sleeves of shirts, complete with blowing and vacuum. 


Fimas Mod 410 Boiler

Table steam generator complete with electrically heated iron with silicone iron stand.


Fimas Mod 412 Boiler

Automatic steam generator fitted on wheels adapted to be connected with electrically heated and steaming irons.


Fimas Mod 417/418 Boiler

Steam generator supplied in four versions in accordance with the power, complete wit boiler with 50 lt. capacity.


Fimas Mod 104-0981 Ironing Table

Utility buck with leftwards point and integrated iron rest with vacuum/  blowing table with built-in vacuum.


Fimas Mod 156 Ironing Table

Heated folding ironing table, adjustable in height with vacuum. It can be connected to a steam generator or with an iron stand. 


Fimas Mod 159 Ironing Table

Vacuum ironing table with overturning plate with. Electrically heated surface and incorporated vacuum fan.


Fimas Mod 166 Ironing Table

Vacuum ironing table with electrically heated buck. Complete with a built-in vacuum unit


Fimas Mod 173 Ironing Table

Vacuum and steaming ironing table with utility buck. Complete with fabric beater pad and flow switch.


Fimas Mod 174 Ironing Table

Ironing table for knitwear with inclined steam heated buck shape vacuum and steaming, complete with fabric beater pad and built-in vacuum unit.


Fimas Mod 307 Ironing Table

Electropneumatic vacuum, blowing and steaming ironing table,  steam heated complete with iron support and fabric beater pad.


Fimas Mod 208-9156 Pressing Machine

Pneumatic ironing press with automatic control, with steam heated shapes, fixed buck with vacuum and steaming.

Get a flawless finish every time with our top-quality finishing equipment.

Our equipment makes light work of even the most delicate fabrics, embroidered textiles, and composite fabrics. Whether you’re working with tablecloths or intricate garments, you can trust our finishing equipment to deliver excellent results.
Designed with both safety and efficiency in mind, our equipment guarantees flawlessly smooth results on a wide variety of fabrics.

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