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When it comes to healthcare laundry services, experience matters. Partner with United Laundry for unparalleled quality, efficiency and reliability

Laundry solutions that increase hygiene standards and reduce the risk of contamination.

Ensuring a clean and safe environment is a top priority for any healthcare facility. This includes the laundry processes used to clean linens, uniforms, and other items used by patients, visitors, and staff members.


Healthcare Services

Whether you run a major hospital or a small clinic, we can help you design a laundry process that’s efficient and cost effective.

Tailored Solutions

We know that different healthcare facilities have different laundry needs. That’s why we offer a flexible range of options to meet your needs, no matter the size or scope of your operation.

Quality Equipment

Designed to meet the highest hygiene and safety standards. Using state-of-the-art equipment and innovative cleaning techniques to ensure that all items are thoroughly disinfected and hygienic, ready for use by patients and staff.


We follow strict protocols and guidelines to ensure compliance with industry regulations and best practices. Our commitment to upholding these standards enables us to provide high-quality products and services to our customers.

Recognising Laundry as a Vital Component of Healthcare Facilities' Success

That’s why we provide a comprehensive range of support services to help you manage your laundry operations.
From regular maintenance and repair services to on-site training for your staff, we’re committed to providing the highest level of service and support to our clients.

Machines designed for healthcare

Some of our range for healthcare settings

UniMac UB900, 1100-1800

UniMac’s UB-range of compact barrier washers has been specifically designed for healthcare enviroments and meet the high European standards for good hygiene in industrial cleaning.


UniMac UY350, 450, 600

These machines can withstand the harsh demands of commercial and on-premises laundry facilities in a variety of industries, from healthcare to hospitality.



UniMac 120-200 LB Dryers

These machines are built for industrial sized operations and can manage large loads and set to deliver optimum results in the least amount of time possible for load size


We're here to help

Contact us today to learn more about our laundry solutions and how we can help you maintain a clean and safe environment for your patients and staff.

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