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Join the eco-friendly revolution and save big with United Laundry’s sustainable solutions

With UniMac and SpeedQueen’s sustainable washing machines and dryers, you can make tremendous strides toward energy and water conservation while maintaining the highest standards of quality


Speed Queen Professional Washer

Revolutionary Quantum gold technology combines equipment controls, programming and wireless networking into one full-store management system, including; wireless networking, adjustable water levels and in-depth reporting.


Speed Queen Professional Dryer

Designed to reduce costs and maximise revenue with the ability to programme and wireless networking allows for full-store management, including; wireless networking, adjustable water levels and in-depth reporting


UniMac UHP190, 250, 285, 345

UniMac’s industrial Heat Pump tumblers reduce energy by more than 70% compared to similar tumble dryers saving your laundry operation utility costs.



UniMac SC70, SC90

The SC70&90 professional washers have a capacity of 6 – 8 kg. The unit is often installed in apartments, wellness facilities, sports clubs or on marine ships. And has specific voltages for these markets.


UniMac PPE Drying Cabinet

The UniMac Drying Cabinet offers preset programs ranging from 1.5 to 3 hours to help you greatly reduce drying time versus conventional methods.

Dc4 2 110x300

UniMac DC4

 Easy to install Uni Mac drying unit that’s built to fit in enclosed locations.

Reforest Nation

Proud partners of Reforest Nation

At United Laundry, we’re all about making a positive impact on the planet and your wallet. We believe that reducing your environmental footprint is not only the responsible thing to do but can also help you save on expenses for your business.

Our partnership with Reforest Nation shows our commitment to sustainability and reducing our environmental impact. Trees play a crucial role in mitigating the effects of climate change, as they absorb carbon dioxide from the atmosphere and produce oxygen. By planting trees, United Laundry is helping to offset the emissions generated by its laundry machines and contribute to reforestation efforts.

Go Green with United Laundry

Contact us today to learn more about our eco-friendly industrial washing machines and dryers and how they can help reduce your environmental impact while saving you money on utility expenses.

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