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UniMac UB900, 1100-1800

UB Series Barrier Washer Extractor

UniMac’s UB-range of compact barrier washers has been specifically designed for healthcare environments and meet the high European standards for good hygiene in industrial cleaning (RABC method EN14065). Their goal is to prevent microbiological contamination during the washing process while combining performance, strength and energy-saving.

Hospital & health care environments need to take preventive measures in order to avoid microbiological contamination in the laundry process. UniMac’s range of barrier washer-extractors offers a solution for this threat as it considerably reduces the risk of recontamination or cross contamination thanks to its ‘dual door’ design. The barrier washers are built ‘in’ a physical wall separating the loading & unloading side. This set-up ensures an optimal sanitation and avoids contact between clean, disinfected laundry & soiled, contaminated linen.

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