Schools, colleges and universities have unique laundry needs including ease of use, durability and efficiency. A launderette is a key service in student accommodation and equipment needs to be robust as it is generally unattended, has a high through put and multiple users.

More and more, the student accommodation market is becoming increasingly competitive. Do you want to give yourself a laundry to stand out from your competitors?

Worried about the hassle and cost of upgrading your current laundry?

Want a flexible payment system where students can use card, cash or app to pay for machines?

Talk to us now about or managed laundry system. We provide the equipment for free and then look after the whole site for the duration of the agreement. This means you have no repair costs, no maintenance costs…ever!

If you want to operate our own laundry we can help in design, installation and maintenance.

Contact us now for more information.

Call us on 1890 809 222 for details and to log calls.

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