UniMac UB1400
May 26, 2020
UniMac UB1100
May 26, 2020

UniMac UY1200 Washing Machine

  • Freestanding, high spin
  • Stainless steel cabinet (AISI 304)
  • Stainless steel drum and tub
  • PROform – fully programmable microprocessor
  • Extra large door opening (UY800, UY1000 Ø 530 mm, UY1200 Ø 650 mm)
  • Two large drain valves (Ø 103 mm)
  • Easy access to all parts
  • Standard liquid soap connections
  • Frequency controlled motor
  • Perforated lifting ribs: more mechanical action, lower water consumption
  • Air operated water inlet
  • Ecological washing programmes – significantly reduces water and electricity consumption • Patented soap dispenser with 5 removable compartments


  • Liquid soap pumps
  • PROform Assist traceability software and networking system
  • Forward and backward tilting is available. Tilting of the machine is done by external platform.

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Capacity: 120kg
Dimensions: 2085 x 1855 x 2085mm
Spin Type: High
Spin Speed: 695
G-Factor: 350
Electrical Heating: Steam or Boiler Fed Only

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