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May 27, 2020
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May 27, 2020

Tolon TTD60 Dryer

  • Industrial tumble dryer
  • Stainless steel drum for long life and to avoid corrosion
  • Fully insulated, energy-saving drum
  • Reversing drum for efficient drying of large items
  • Wide hatch sliding doors for easy loading & unloading with window
  • Large and easily accessible and removable stainless steel filter with window for visual management
  • Hinged lint filter door for easy opening & cleaning
  • Flexible and freely programmable control with large display for easy operation and perfect management of your laundry business
  • Clear status light indication for easy and quick visual management
  • Adjustable feet (fixed on TTD 110)
  • Forward tilting on TTD 110 for easy unloading
  • Sprinkler device for fi re suppression on all gas tumblers
  • Sail switch on all models for efficient drying
  • Electric solenoid valve on TTD 20 · 40 · 60
  • Pneumatic steam valve on TTD 110
  • Fresh air intake flap for cool down on TTD 110 steam
  • Standard Inverter drive


  • Residual moisture control + variable speed for perfect drying of delicate linen
  • Pneumatic steam valve on TTD 20 · 40 · 60
  • Fresh air intake flap for fast cool down on TTD 20 · 40 · 60
  • Adjustable speed of the drum
  • Heat recirculation for more efficient drying and lower energy consumption
  • Sprinkler device for fire suppression on steam heated models
  • Steam inlet hose
  • Stainless steel high pressure steam coil (max. 12 bar)
  • Infrared sensor

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Capacity: 60kg (132lb)
Dimensions: 2225 x 1416 x 1793mm
Exhaust Type: 8” (200mm) External
Heating: Gas, Electric, Steam

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