We partnered with Fimas Srl. to supply us with high quality, properly built equipment that is not only designed to last, but has intelligent, ergonomic design that provides continuous satisfaction with results.

Fimas Srl , opened in Vigevano in 1986, is a dynamic company, which grew up and quickly strengthened inside the Laundry sector. This reality could rely not only on its own strength and energy but also on the experience and on the innovation technology of Macpi SpA Pressing Division Company, worldwide leader in the manufacturing of pressing machine for the Garment Industry.

Thanks to the collaboration between these two companies, both members of Macpi Group, it has been achieved a great result, capable of responding to the different needs of the market. This synergy has certainly been one of the key point for the success of Fimas, which can be considered nowadays a leader trademark into the Laundry field; from the small realities, such as laundry shops, to the biggest ones.

All products are accurately designed, with advanced solutions, in order to grant high professional performance and to make the most of the different pressing steps. Fimas has been always oriented to the search of solutions, able to offer updated and innovative product to the Market.

Fimas offers a wide range of high quality and flexibility machinery, such as steaming cabinets (with or without doors), dummies, vacuum, blowing and steaming ironing tables (with interchangeable shapes), spotting tables and pressing machines, able to satisfy the different working realities.

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